Pontefino Hotel and Residences Hosts Ms. Earth 2013 Swimsuit and Resort Wear Preliminaries

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Pontefino Hotel and Residences looked extra special that evening. With most of the tables out, a buffet spread said hi to most of the guests most of which were anticipating the Ms. Earth 2013 preliminaries happening in the poolside. I must admit, I have favorites but I felt there were only a few who prepared quite enough for the show. Although majority were real contenders on the swimsuit competition. Enough of this I guess and it's time to show you what happened that evening!

The gorgeous and statuesque Ms. Earth Air 2012 Stephany Stefanowitz hosted the preliminaries and called the candidates one by one. Executives of Pontefino also welcomed everyone who came to the occasion and also officiated the fund raising meant to help victims of Typhoon Yolanda. They got a little more over 400,000++ that evening. That is a testament to how much Pontefino and its community want to help our less fortunate kababayans in the Visayas.

Then the ladies presented themselves for the swimsuit competition. I think I missed a few but this is pretty much the lineup that evening. They were seeking a 5 candidates to include in the top 15 who will vie for the Best in Swimsuit award. In my books, they did pretty good.

I extremely liked Venezuela, Serbia and Costa Rica on this round. Ms. Spain which I favored without makeup seemed a little old with the makeup she put on that evening. I dunno, but she really looked so fresh and better without it. Then we got the LPU Dance Troupe to dish out an array of Philippine/Batangueno traditional dances. It was quite reminiscent of the things I did in elementary and high school. Really good.

Having generations of culture and a fervor for what history entails for them, the LPU Dance Troupe surely captured what the Philippines should be showing the rest of the world. All smiles, all proud and all Batangueno. 

Then we headed on to watch the Resort Wear portion. This one's fancy!

As you might have seen, there were hits and misses. I felt some of the contestants just put on something to wear for the "Resort Wear" part of the program and didn't even think about it. Some of them also felt a little too corny, but some were VERY classy. I think that's how the winners got through. They proceeded to center stage and watched the LPU dance troupe perform more Filipino dances including Tinikling. Of course some of the girls joined in!

They went wild! They didn't let out on their heels and managed to skip and hop to Philippine tunes plus this exhibition of Tinikling. It was fun as they ended. Then it was time to announce the winners.

Miss Pontefino went to Ms. Venezuela - Alyz Henrich. She was awarded by Executives of Pontefino Hotel and Residences.

Ms. Serbia Andjelka Tomasevic on the other hand also won a special award by GLNG. She's also one of my favorites. :)

In the end. these ladies were declared the ones who will be part of the final 15 candidates to vie for the Best in Swimsuit award. This is the preliminaries so make sure you check out the Ms. Earth 2013 official website to see who will win these special awards come December 7! It'll be broadcasted live on ABS CBN and other cable channels.

Thank you so much to the kind people of Pontefino Hotel and Residences for being so nice during our coverage of the Ms. Earth 2013 preliminaries. I'll visit you again soon in Batangas! :) 

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