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Thursday, December 19, 2013

For those who've read my post about BND Hair Gallery ages ago, you know I've entrusted my hair to Cher Nogara - her family has been in this industry for years; and I must say she's the only person who's done what I wished for in in style. I get tons of complements afterwards and credit them for making me look this good.

I'm so ecstatic to make changes in my hair after my long stint in the corporate world. That part always held me down. So I went in and asked to get my hair color changed. A few words, and she already knew what I wanted. See, salon owners don't usually have that connection with their clients and they on the other hand treat you like their own. I felt I was with friends, or family. They talk to you and feel right at home.

The process of bleaching isn't easy especially when your hair is jet black like mine (well all Pinoys are like that right?). It would take a couple of rounds to make your hair lighter and yes, I must admit it is not a process that would be for everyone. They on the other hand already knew what to do and it wasn't difficult for them at all. They must have done this a ton of times and it really shows.

It is little painful but you just have to make sure you have ventilation or air conditioning up so it would be bearable. If this were ordinary color, it would be a cinch for them but I have plans for my hair... They knew how to exactly do it. I was trying to get it to platinum blonde or anything close to it but as I said it is a process. I might need to go back next week to get everything done. As for now, it's already in Ash Blonde. 

And I've never felt so glad Cher took care of me like she's done this a hundred times. I already look a lot lighter and it complemented my skin. She told me to come back next week to finish it off even if I'm already looking good with this. 

They are located at 2/F Pentagrand building #58 Mother Ignacia Ave., Quezon City. It's almost right in front of St. Mary's College Quezon City. Salon opens at 10am and closes around 7PM. Just go up the stairs and get your hair did like mine. When you feel your salon only does hair, try to visit them and get your own Bing Dio Salon Moment. I already had mine. :)

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