Holidays at Sofitel Manila

Friday, December 20, 2013

Every time I step into the floors of Sofitel Manila, I feel right at home. No, let me correct that... I feel like I'm on a vacation home. So I always make it a point to visit that place frequently because I get relaxed, happy inside and festive. I know, that might have been like a juxtaposed wording but that's exactly how I feel. These holidays, it becomes even better.

There's a full Ginger Bread house in the lobby. They are also selling these sweet treats so make sure you get one for your home. It can be a centerpiece, something that you can put on tables to make guests feel welcome or just under the tree.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, or in this case a pebble pit to roast those awesome treats.

The good ole Christmas Log which you often see in European houses, they've got it LONGER and draped with Christmas Candies. Tis was SO GOOD and uber chocolatey. I took home some too.

Kids would even marvel at this lil nook where they have a real deal choochoo train spinning around on a little Christmas Village and these nice Ginger Bread houses that Santa wishes more of too!

Gorgeous Multi Awarded Industry Champion Chef Tweet and her team even came out with this cute little Christmas gift boxes made of chocolate. There were also some small Christmas Trees and other designs that are perfect for the occasion. Mmmm.... made my mouth water just by the sight of it! I almost didn't want to eat it because it's too cute! I especially love the Christmas Ball pralines and the broken white chocolate they have on display. I'm telling you, Sofitel Manila is the best in desserts!

Their marshmallows? SUPERB and they are soft and pillowy like clouds! Pour chocolate from the small fountain and it's something that you'll close your eyes for. The breads are all freshly baked, the cheese are creamy and sharp. Why don't you talk to your friends and family and get this intimate dinner at Le Bar a try. Or maybe do the full thing at Spiral, the country's best buffet!

Get the ambiance complete by sitting right beside this fireplace that will surely set the mood that Christmas and New Year brings.

If you want your function to be extra festive, get this arranged with Sofitel Manila and they'd be glad to do so. They even make special brews for Christmas courtesy of the smart people at Le Bar. You should also try the warm Red Wine. Lovely!

Don't worry about food, they've got that covered. They've got the best Christmas Menu and savory dishes a dinner table should never go without! They'll even carve it for you. I SUPER love the Foie Gras.. it melts in your mouth... really good.

Don't worry about your gatherings because they've got this every night. The band plays standards and new ones so there won't be generation gaps.. just sheer enjoyment and entertainment!

 They even lit up the whole place just for you through in a ceremony a few weeks ago. It definitely started my Christmas. Executives of the hotel were all there to start off the longest celebration of Christmas in the world! You can only see that in the Philippines!

Now imagine your family staring at this tall structure and having the time of their life at Sofitel Manila, isn't that just perfect? They've also got Wine classes, discounts on Vietura beauty treatments, Christmas trophies, Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet, a Magnifique Getaway package, New Years Eve dinner at Le Bar and more. All you need to do is ask them thru for packages, offers that would make holiday wishes come true for you and your family. No fuss, all amazing experience at the best 5 star hotel in the Philippines - Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

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