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Monday, December 23, 2013

There are many things that a blogger can do and one of them is eat. I don't just eat though, because I am very picky about breads. I mostly love those freshly baked ones in hotels because those are made by chef-artisans. I didn't know there was one quite near my neighborhood. This is Harina Artisan Bakery Cafe!

This quaint all day breakfast store in 118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains in Quezon City (who has SUPERB bread sticks btw!) embraces the notion of selling only the best artisanal breads (no artificial flavors or preservatives) this side of the metro without holding back on the freshest ingredients... a word of warning, it shows on their products. We had the best ones from the menu and tried them out one quaint morning. It looked pretty good!

Brunch is special. The Iced Tea, ahm I've got to be honest. It wasn't a special brew but it was alright. It's not sweet, encourages you to eat a bit because you'll feel refreshed in a hot afternoon.

This is the Chicken Caesar Sandwich. Much like the salad dish that they wanted to emulate, it takes a whole different level if you put in on toasty, crunchy bread. That thing makes a whole lotta difference because its really good. It's not a run of the mill commercial bakeshop thing, it's all pure unadulterated bread, with all the nice greens, crispy bacon, runny egg and mouthwatering dressing.

This is Harina's Bloomin' Bread. I had tons of this. Imagine that fresh yeast smell pouring out on soft pillowy center and that crunch you get on the outer shell. Dip it in herbed balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Heavenly.

This is their Waldorf Salad Sandwich. Light, filling and very tasty. Bread is croissant like. I love this and imagine I could go out for brunch with a friend eating just this.

This is their Breakfast Tart. Imagine flaky puff pastry topped with cream cheese, spinach, baked tomatoes, bacon and eggs. I'd recommend this for two people but if you are a little hungry this would be so easy. 

This awesome PBB and Chocolate-Stuffed French Toast is highly recommended. It's comfort food that is contained in your dreams... then come to reality. The toasty whole wheat bread isn't bad either. For the price you pay for this breakfast, totally worth it!

Nice and light, Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast is just one of those dangerously looking calorie bombs that really isn't. We were surprised at how light and airy this was as compared to the other French Toast variant mentioned above. For health buffs, if you are to cheat... get this healthier alternative since its got fruit on it. But if an honest match goes, I'd rather choose the PBB Chocolate Stuffed French Toast because its more sinful.

Oh and if you are crazy with Cronuts, they've got their version too!

Sweet and flaky, you can get the Laminated Donuts in Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Blueberry Cheesecake variants. Good to take home.

Sweet and moist Chocolatey Brownie topped with Cream Cheese and Slivers of Fresh Strawberry and sides of sweet Red and Yellow Fruit Syrup. How can anyone say NO to this? Of course it's already gone after a few minutes!

DO NOT FORGET to take home a bunch of these scrumptious, sweet, decadent and wonderful Cinnamon Rolls. We can't have enough of this and it'll surely run out of the box in no time if you have kids or people like me looking at the box. Pretty good, another reason why you should make an effort to go and drop by the White Plains area. They are right in front of the row of the gardens on the side streets. Take my word for it and get the best artisan made products in a simple neighborhood store in Quezon City.

Harina Artisan Bakery Cafe is one place I could vouch for. For meetings, a small get together with friends and family, consider this a warning... if you don't try the place, you'll regret it.

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