Ms. Earth 2013 Preliminaries - Batangas City

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

It was a morning of gorgeous girls, those with a passion for Mother Earth and how to take care of her. This pageant promoting environmental awareness didn't come much perfect time than this. Showcasing their cause and their countries in the 7,120 islands of the Philippines. It's one of the worlds largest publicized pageants aimed to find the lone candidate to fulfill duties to help causes for the environment through various activities. We've met part of the candidates who went to Batangas City a few days ago, mind you in the history of the Ms. Earth pageant the candidate who goes to this city ends up winning the competition. We met them at the Batangas City hall. Judging from the looks of it, Filipino culture just started to show itself the minute they stepped on the streets of this glorious city.

They built the facade of the City Hall to look like actual scenes in a normal Filipino native town, like a big diorama.Then the ladies stepped out of the bus one by one. All so gorgeous!

Now isn't that a sight for sore eyes? These ladies also went inside City Hall to have a courtesy call with the Mayor of Batangas City, the Honorable Eduardo B. Dimacuha. The ladies got welcomed with native fans and coconut juice for refreshments which they enjoyed quite obviously.

They were all smiles. They were also briefed a bit about what Batangas City is and how they've worked hard to build their city. Their 105 Barangays, of strong resilient people welcomed the candidates with open arms. Then they proceeded to a government building a couple of meters away from the city hall.

These ladies also went ahead and put their markings on a commemorative rock that has been done by other batches of contestants from Ms. Earth in the past. Aside from that, they were shown the green building that is running on Solar Power via the panels on the top floor of the building. The low carbon footprint and the waste management efforts of the local government has definitely paid off. They are planning to do this on every government building in the city, this shows how much they want to fully grasp the idea on how to take care of the environment, hook line and sinker.

They walked to a nearby museum to see Batangas City's history and how the place came about. The word "Batang" came from huge logs that was abundant in this area during the Spanish colonial period hence the name of the province. Ahmm.. okay, I'd be straight with you guys... I do adore Ms. Spain. I was able to talk to her a bit during this museum visit. She was so beautiful without that much makeup. I love her. We also went to this gorgeous Basilica of the Immaculate Concepcion and toured around the church grounds plus its museums. Really good, and you can really feel the history there.

Ms. Earth 2013 will be broadcasted on ABS-CBN, cable channels STAR World, Velvet, The Filipino Channel, streamed on Ustream and Venevisión on December 7, 2013. It will be hosted by popular guy Oli Pettigrew and Ms. Linda Black. It will happen in Versailles Palace Alabang, Muntinlupa City in Metro Manila, The Philippines.

Stay tuned for more of Ms. Earth 2013 and a short tour of PonteFino on my next posts! Thank you so much to the kind people of the City of Batangas and the awesome ones in PonteFino!

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