Upscale and Refined Living at Pontefino Hotel & Residences + Pontefino Prime

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Batangas City's premier hotel and real estate destination requires no introduction. This is the legendary and awe strucking PonteFino Hotel and Residences. A place quite near everything else in Batangas City, this sprawling property boasts of the hotel, condominium units, town houses and lone units following a shabby chic neo victorian vibe.

This is also the place where the Ms. Earth 2013 Preliminary Swimsuit and Resort Wear competition will be held. True enough, we were about to see an epic night! Though before that, can we take a look around the Pontefino Hotel, Pontefino Residences and Pontefino Prime first?

I know, the hotel made its presence felt even from afar. It's tall, on top of a hill dwarfing even the local SM Batangas which sits almost at the front of it. There's a huge church, few hospitals, 2 International Schools and the local government buildings a few minutes away. Plus, the pool and its design is divine! How can you not live here right?

Case in point are these town houses (which really reminds me of the ones in New York/San Fo) just a few meters from the actual hotel. Pontefino Residences boasts of world class design and amenities that would be the envy of other real estate establishments in the Philippines. Their interiors are one of the most space efficient and aesthetically apt places that I've ever seen.

What's even great is that you can opt to have your place rented by the hotel itself so they can lease it and get you paid both on monthly amortizations and dues. All you have to do is ask. Most of these properties are sold out because of the terms that they presented to owners  giving them the most flexible payment schemes and no nonsense opportunities for the actual project to pay for itself in a certain amount of time. It's one of the most attractive things I've seen that they could offer for OFW's, Expats and investors. The property value also is increasing in this side of the world and I'm sure with the recent opening of more lanes in the StarTEX it'll be one of the busiest "Business Savvy" cities in the south pretty soon (as if it's not already LOL). You'll also have the amenities and access to some style establishments right in front of the hotel. Heck I got a haircut there! =)

Then we proceeded to their exclusive Pontefino Prime property which sits just a few minutes away from the Pontefino Hotel and Residences. This again is on top of a few hills and is going to be one of the few places that's directly accessible from SM Batangas' front property. They have built a private road network that will house a couple more condominium units and these wonderful townhouses reminiscent of still - the Neo Victorian vibe they were trying to exude in the other lot.

We took a short tour inside their model houses and it was like a different place. You just felt rich and mighty owning one of these for sure.

Pontefino Prime presents a more exclusive feel but still has the same amount of accessibility and promising property characteristics as in the other phases of this place. It kinda secures your investment growth, even with the property value alone you'll already be seeing this as a NO LOSS investment right from the get go. There are even some owners pooling money to buy multiple houses because they're already convinced how lucrative this is going to be. Ever had a property like this in Manila? I bet not. So make the short trip down to Batangas City and check the property out if you're still in doubt or talk to a property consultant and see how you can get the ball rolling.

Thanks to this young fine looking man and Property Manager Arman Marquez (on the right) for showing us around the lot. He says there'll be more of these places to be built sooner than you think and they are running out of it too as investors have been hogging this for the past year or so. He also says it might end up to be a little expensive come 2014 so the right time to buy is NOW.

If you're interested in acquiring one or more of these things or visit the city and wish to stay in the hotel, you can check out the rates on their official website

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