HUMAN Weekend Fair at Glorietta 4!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's the right time to shop! You just got your hard earned money from the bank and thinking of what to buy for your man or woman? Then this is it. HUMAN just got generous and set up shop for the next HUMAN WEEKEND FAIR at Glorietta 4 and we're here live blogging from the shop. Imagine, a whopping 20% OFF on all items (except accessories and pants below 899 since that's discounted already) and people are really taking advantage of it. Even models and celebrities are here today! Case in point:

DJ Callum David, Jujin Samonte and his better half providing music all throughout the day! Then I got some real good finds! 

They've got these nifty shirts from the GENES and STREET FASHION line all marked down just for two days!

They've also got SKINNY, SLIM, STRAIGHT and RELAX cut jeans in different colors. Ladies would love em skinnies for sure! 

These shoes were made even better because some were less than a thousand bucks! I already bought those high cut gray velcrow strapped shoes! :)

The bags were all nice. I was like in a candy store. Loved the knapsacks and messenger bags for men. There are also a few bags for women that would be perfect for my Mom and Sister. 

These are some of the things I plan to hoard because it costs only 299! You'll never find branded wallets like these anywhere! If you are like me who LOVE the long wallets with card slots on them, they also have that inside the store.

If it's hot and sunny outside, don't fret because they've got some of the best looking aviators and studded hats on the shelves. 

And if you want to feel fresh all day, never forget to grab one of these bottles so you could ROCK YOUR SCENT in all of the places you want to go today. Oh I've even seen fan girls taking photos with models :) you should never miss this chance to get the best deals and REAL THRILLS right here at HUMAN, the clothing store. :)

See you in a bit! I'll be shopping first! :) 
20% repeat, 20% :)

Men's Lifestyle Redefined! 

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ZaiZai said...

Those high cut velcro shoes look really nice! I want them too kahit sabihan mo akong gaya gaya hehe :)