Celebrate Pride Month with Globe

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

There's no other opportune time to celebrate freedom and self expression than this PRIDE month. Just like the colors of the pride flag, each one takes proper representation, so you can be yourself, and express in many ways without judgement of fear from any oppressor. Just like as Globe always says, "Atin ang Mundo!" (the world is ours!)

Make the celebrations worthwhile by getting involved in the community, join volunteer groups and participate in projects initiated by various LGBTQIA+ orgs and causes you believe in. Don't fret if you're single, the GlobeOne app has restaurant vouchers (if you try spinning the wheel) so you can date yourself at Kraver's Canteen, Flowerstore and more!

If all else fails and you don't wanna go out, have a party at home and stream Pride hits from Mother Monster Lady Gaga, Madonna (if you are not married by this time lol), or Cher if you're retired, I'm joking of course! Any track that makes you empowered, proud and eager to spread charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent would do.

If you want to spend the day with bae, go binge watch your favorite BL, GL or LGBTQIA+ series on Netflix, Viu, Amazon Prime or iQIYI. You can subscribe through Globe and watch KDrama series, Hollywood movies all day! Check this for starters https://shop.globe.com.ph/entertainment-subscriptions

Don't forget your LGBTQIA+ content creators on YouTube especially the local ones as they thrive on your support. Be it an ally or part of the community, there's so much love to spread around and it all starts with you!


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