Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Do you see a GENERIKA Drugstore near you? If not, then you're missing a lot. You see, the folks in GENERIKA have always been in the business of making sure you get the right medicine you need if you get sick, if you haven't had the pleasure of having one in your community, maybe you should start one! In simple ceremonies this morning, Dimples Romana just became a part of the GENERIKA family. This was attended by GENERIKA Drugstore's CEO Atty. Yet Avarca, ABSCBN's Talent Manager Alan Real and Dimples Romana, their newest brand ambassador. 

Dimples Romana says "If you got to GENERIKA, you can take care of your family. I'm a mother,m a sister, I learned to put importance to things that matters to us, part of that is good health. Being part of this means we represent it, there are things that worry us, we can't go to Doctors, and we don't want to burden our frontliners. GENERIKA has doctors, you can get consulation and get the right medicine for you. You're sure that you will be given medicine that will work, and GENERIKA has. We need to make sure we're part of the solution, GENERIKA Drugstore."

She adds "This is the first time I've attended to meet my GENERIKA family, I'm 8.75 months and I drived slowly here. I thought I've already finished my branded projects, but this comes as a welcome event. "Ginhawa" is making everything easy, it's one of the nicest Tagalog words I know, it's something everyone wants to have. It should be a priority for every family. It's so lovely to be a GENERIKAn to make sure we're taking care of the lives of Filipino families. This is of service for people we provide for. I am so happy to be a GENERIKAn, I've been posting BTS about this and finally I can post it as it's finally out there!" 

Atty. Yet Abarca says "It was a decision that came from our people, an easy decision and we were inspired by here story, her love for family and the success that she's had... especially the commitment to her family. She's the perfect model for GENERIKA Drugstore."

Congratulations Ms. Dimples Romana! I must say, this is well deserved!


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