GLOBE Outs "First Move" for Globe One App

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

June is Pride Month and it's always the perfect time to celebrate and push for representation in different fields. This 2022, Globe has always been about "Making Everyday Beautiful" and recently, they released an LGBTQIA+ themed film called "First Move" for their Globe One App. Aside from bringing services closer to Filipinos, they're making it worthwhile creatively and see how they could put the LGBTQIA+ cause in the forefront, and they've managed to put together people in front and behind the camera that also belong in this sector, putting action to words they uttered. For context, the Producer, the stars, the writers and director are LGBT members, and they're putting out a series of commercials that showcase love, relationships, human subjects that also use the Globe One App and the multitude of features it has. 

Director JP Habac says "Gone are the days of depicting LGBTQIA+ in sterotypical ways like being flamboyant, girly, or merely driving a Mio. We are taking on this challenge of making it current, including those for bisexuals and lesbians too."

PJB Group Creative Director Bia Fernandez adds "This is our attempt to normalize those in the LGBTQIA+ sector to appear in ads so people can see real life experiences. This is real representation, not just on a single holiday, they are truly part of the brand."

This is a great way to break barriers, and inform people about an app that can monitor data, manage your accounts, avail promos too. Download it through the app store or Google Play. Verify it by registering and putting your one time pin, prepaid or post paid, this takes care of your accounts. Go watch them in Globe assets and online channels. 
How can you not love Globe after that?


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