Here's Great Gift Ideas as Cherry Mobile Joins the Shopee 6.6 Midyear Sale

Thursday, June 02, 2022

The Shopee 6.6 Midyear Sale is so near I can smell the free shipping, discounts, vouchers and coins I'll be earning this whole week. I bet you're currently looking for something to give your husband, boyfriend, special someone this month so I'd like to recommends a few things to make things easier.

Our friends from Cherry Mobile are offering different lifestyle and mobile gadgets on this event so let's start off with something useful. If you're looking for a gift for someone athletic, needs water all the time but usually don't religiously follow a schedule for it, Cherry has this 32 ounce Cherry Flask.

You can buy the Cherry Flask HERE and use the free shipping vouchers or discounts so you can save on your purchase. It comes in a variety of colors and is good for those who work out, in the office, or just about any outdoorsy stuff you do these days.

For those who need to take care of their teeth, Cherry Home official store has this Cherry Sonic Electric Toothbrush which you can use everyday so you don't have to get tired of brushing your teeth. It turns off automatically, has 3 brush modes, battery indicator, memory function, waterproof and lasts 30 days on battery. Get them HERE if you prefer this toothbrush.

If you often go out and use mobile phones and gadgets, you need a dependable powerbank and they've got this! It's a Love Marie Collection 5000mAh Powerbank that only costs Php 399. If you use discount vouchers and free shipping during the sale, it'll be much cheaper to get one. Best of all, it's fashionable because of Heart Evangelista's collaboration with Cherry Mobile Philippines from a couple years back. You can get the powerbank HERE if you need to!

For those who need to level up their entertainment center in their living room, check out Cherry Mobile PH's Cherry Echo Sound Bar. It's got high frequency range, a 3.4mm jack, 10 meter bluetooth range, 10W output power that can handle your entertainment needs at home or at play. Get it HERE if you want or need one because I've seen it perform in my shower recently. It was a party!

These are in different price points and for ease of transaction, go download the Shopee app on Google Play or the App Store because you can get them cheaper there than anywhere else. They also have great customer service if ever you need to do returns or refunds, they guarantee things sold in official stores which is so good in my books!


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