VICE GANDA Says "Better SARI than SORRY" with Saridon and SariMAX

Thursday, June 02, 2022

Health brands Saridon and SariMAX got us all excited this afternoon for 2Good2BeTrue, a new campaign they have for Filipino consumers. We are back at work, the office, or perhaps at home but we sometimes get sick, so Bayer knows how this exists.

Eileen Kuan of Bayer says "Today is all about feeling good, we want to share the good news about our new campaign especially the one with Vice Ganda that was so successful. This time we are showcasing two of our new products Saridon and SariMAX."

Bayer Consumer Health Philippines Toby Manlapat says "2Good2BeTrue, how often do we hear an excuse about headaches, fever, pain? I'm sure we do that one way or another, but now you can say SARI, instead of sorry as we have 2 of our pain relief products with Saridon (Propyphenazone/paracetamol/caffeine) and SariMAX (Naproxen Sodium). We have people try this, for a pain free body we need it for our daily grind. This is availble for Php 5.50 for Saridon, and 10 pesos for SariMAX. Remember, it's better Sari than Sorry."

Dr Leah Manio the Consumer Health Lead for Bayer Philippines says "One pill can give 12 hours relief. Saridon is an analgesic, anti inflammatory, and gives you alertness + good mood. It gets released in 5 minutes, so pain relief is faster."

Vice Ganda says "Talagang 2Good2BeTrue no? Kamusta po kayong lahat?! My fave vacation spots are HK and Japan, I want to party and have lots of food. I also want it near so I don't go far when I take a vacation. Right now, I want to always be with Ion, I want to see him daily and he calms me down. Jackie also is an angel, she knows where everything is so I need her by my side because I won't be able to work easy without her. When I also bought my Mom her house, I saw how happy she was. Love can be faithful, love can be painful but still beautiful. I still have lots of plans, to have a family, but I'm not in a hurry. I want to penetrate the international market, Hollywood, who knows?! Sometimes we look at the future too much, we sometimes need to look now. I need help with my knees, and my stomach especially when I'm at work and in heels. For now, I want to work with big stars like Sarah Geronimo and maybe a film with Regine Velasquez." 

Magic Darmawan the Country Head of Bayer Consumer PH says "Thank you to everyone who attended today, thank you for supporting Saridon and SariMAX. Stay Safe and God Bless!"


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