Met Miss Universe Ladies at Lazada Today!

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Lazada got us to see Miss Universe Philippines Beatrice Luigi Gomez and Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu this morning. I guess they're letting us experience the feeling of getting crowned when you buy something on the Lazada app. If you haven't won anything yet, they've got promos, stackable vouchers, discounts and more.


Beatrice Luigi Gomez Miss Universe Philippines 2021 "Lately I have been doing a few shoots, a few endorsements and I haven't been able to rest. It's a good problem, because it is work. I have been watching a lot of movies, catching up with series that I missed since I've been in the competition. I hangout with friends, we don't talk about work so it is relaxing. Recently I watched the first TOP GUN movie. The thing that I found online is a laptop stand, it helped with my posture, we are not conscious about our zoom calls and this gave me more confidence when I did interviews especially during the digital challenges. Currently, I have joined a foundation so I can reach out to communities and take up sociology, do my masters, I will continue to do that. I'm doing a few entertainment gigs, I will focus on that goal and help out in the community."

Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe 2021 "You can see photos of my work, I learned so much about a lot of world leaders, speakers, and I was able to push for my causes. I relax watching Netflix series, writing scripts, do Yoga in Central Park and calling my Mom... that relaxes me. The tip I can give the Miss Universe now is to take care of your mental health, change your dreams into actions, go for it as it's your time to shine. I bought books online, it makes connection of mind, body and soul, and I took time to read. My idol, my support, my love, my Mom is my role model."

Lazada is still celebrating their 6.6 sale, so if you're a queen who wishes a lot of things, you can get all that and more in the app... so download it today!


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