Come #DoTheLifebuoy Dance Challenge

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

We're still not out of danger, the pandemic is still there. For most people, we suited up with face masks and try to follow protocols for work and play. For over a century, Lifebuoy has always been a great partner when it comes to hygiene and they're not stopping to remind you and me about proper handwashing. They're always trying to look for innovative ways to make the necessary task of washing hands a fun activity. Today is no different.

Lifebuoy these days are in different forms like soap bars, hand wash, and body wash. It's got really fresh fragrance and Activ Silver+ ingredient that helps rid of 99.9 percent of germs. It's a good thing, and they want to continue educating the public about the benefits of hand washing. You can #DoTheLifebuoy now!

They're currently asking the Filipino public to #DoTheLifebuoy challenge on social media. Together with teen queen Kathryn Bernardo, you can do the dance challenge right at home or anywhere you want to. Get creative with a few essential moves they want you to include in it. Rub your palms, put your fingers in between, wash your knuckles, don't miss the thumbs, clean the tips of your fingers. Go and upload your own version with these moves on Tiktok or follow the ones published to see if you can make an even better version of it. Just search the hashtag #DoTheLifebuoy to see it. You get to be the best, and teach people how to do it too. That's something you can pass on to generations so they too would be able to teach the next ones about it. If you haven't tried Lifebuoy yet, it's available in the Shopee app or Lazada. You can also learn more about the campaign through the LifebuoyPhilippines FB page so check them out there!

Wash hands people! Let's #DoTheLifebuoy dance!


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