Beko Does Make It Healthy

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Why doesn't everybody do it? That's the question I would probably ask when Europe's #1 appliance brand Beko pursued the path to making their products bring their customers to healthier and convenient lives. This just begs the question on why they continue to innovate and create things like HarvestFresh Technology that fools the veggies to think that it's still getting sunshine while in the comforts of your cold refrigerator, or the ProSmart Inverter Motor to keep your energy consumption low while washing your clothes, or the dryer that's 50% more efficient than the usual ones once the spinning's done.

No wonder they got in the list of the recent Real Leaders Top 200 Impact Companies for 2022, imagine the amount of work they do in order to impact the environment from individual homes they serve. They also have bio composites, recycled materials, lower carbon footprint and detergent saving appliances for years. They are also making these all sustainable.

If you want to know more about Beko and the work they do, just visit their official website or their FB page at It's all there!


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