New JapaNice Stuff from 7-Eleven

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

I've had so much lovely meals from 7-Eleven especially when I was still in the corporate industry and had to run, finish my meal in under thirty minutes. It is so convenient and I must say, they've slowly rolled out different ready to eat food, even fresh vegan offerings to make sure you're getting good meals every day.

Today is a special day as they expand their international menu with Japanese selections as they launch the 7-Fresh Japanese Rice Snacks which includes Salmon Mayo Onigiri, Tuna Mayo Onigiri, California Maki and Mixed Maki. These items are seen in Japan konbini stores and other Asian countries, now they're making it available in the Philippines so we have choices in over 1,600 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

I'm already looking forward to have the Salmon Mayo and Tuna Mayo Onigiri. This has been something I've been eating every time it's on the menu of any Japanese restaurant I go to. The 7-Eleven version has 2 flaps on it, just take the packaging off and eat up, it's one of my favorites. If you fancy maki's, they've got everyone's favorite the California Maki, for those who prefer different ones, you can get the Mixed option. Best of all, it only costs Php 50 (55 for the Salmon Onigiri). It's cheap, but they use quality ingredients for it which means YOU benefit from it. Don't go hungry in the office, school or at home because you can take this out. 

So guess what's for dinner tonight! :)


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