BEKO Sale at the Megatrade Exhibit Hall On May 22

Friday, May 20, 2022

If you're looking for big savings, this is the time to choose Beko over at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall this May in Mandaluyong City. Imagine getting a whopping 23 percent off usual price of Beko appliances, loved in the EU and is now available in the Philippines.

This means if you're looking for Freezers, Stand Alone Cookers, Ovens, Refrigerators, you can get them at discounted prices only til then. The fridge freezers have HarvestFresh tech that keeps all your veggies fresh. Beko’s crisper drawer technology uses a three-color light system so your fresh produce feels like it's still growing in the garden, making it last longer, who wouldn't love that. 

This would make your meals a lot healthy, as you get the vitamins and minerals in an even better state, Beko Cookers and Ovens on the other hand are at the 20-23 percent discount mark so if you are a home entrepreneur or just like a few more burners (or elextric cookers) on your stove, they've got that all.

Gurhan Gunal the Country Manager of Beko says "We love seeing our products being enjoyed by Filipino families and we are commited to have more of these benefit our patrons while having the environment safe, in a better state for future generations to come."

These are available in large appliance centers and they plan to expand to more areas very soon. So if you are in the lookout for more of these products, make sure to try a Beko!


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