PayMaya is Gone.... Meet MAYA

Saturday, May 07, 2022

When I head the news that the iconic PayMaya bird would be gone, I admit... I was a little sad when I heard that. It's very iconic, but as they say in the industry... change is inevitable.

Gone are the days of digital wallets being just a wallet to send and receive money... or pay bills. These days, people need an all in one place to do ALL their transactions. To change the way you do things, this is where MAYA comes in.

MAYA is cooler, sleeker, and a whole lot different from its predecessor. The tagline that stuck to me was "It's everything, and a bank!" which you can download off the App Store and Google Play. The difference now is that aside from sending and receiving money, paying bills, is that you can purchase crypto currency for as low as Php 1. 

There's also MAYA Savings wherein you can deposit money and get up to 6% introductory interest til August 31st this year. I already some of my funds transferred because of it and you don't have to spend fees in transferring from your wallet to the savings account. The third section in the app is Maya Credit where you can borrow money as much as Php 15,000. You can use this for paying your bills, essentials in your supermarket, buy load or another smartphone. If you want to buy Crypto, just click on they Maya Crypto option on the wallet section and just agree on the prompts indicated there. You need upgraded status to access Maya Bank and Maya Crypto so make sure to have yourself verified through that. You won't see the word PayMaya but the Maya Wallet can do everything that it did in the past.

My first purchase of Crypto from them was Ethereum, it was just a normal transaction and I immediately got the notification that the purchase was successful. If it was this easy and I didn't have to file any paper or form, I'm sure everyone would find it that easy too.

If you haven't seen the changes yet on your app, go download the update now and hurry, take advantage of that 6% interest rate because it's super high for bank standards. They're one of the few who got permission from BSP to be a digital bank. It would be foolish if you didn't do that. Oh and may I say, they've got 3 Million Pesos worth of bitcoin up for grabs if you follow their promos. I can't tell you everything because you'll be battling with me for that, haha!

You've got to beat me to it!


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