You Can Do and See More with LG UltraWide Monitors

Monday, May 02, 2022

The need for a dependable, workhorse for monitors is at an all time high now. With professionals arranging work from home, you need something that can accomodate all the windows on your screen, all the software you need, a refresh rate and resolution acceptable in world standards. If it can't do that, it's going to be extra difficult for those who need it in these conditions. LG Electronics have continued to innovate these past few years including their top of the line LG UltraWide monitors. With the likes of the UltraWide Full HD Resolution 2560x1080, it surely gives one more real estate space on screen, that's about 33 percent compared with an FHD screen (1920x1080) used in some homes and offices.

LG's UltraWide 29WP500-B model can give you ample views for textbooks, notes, lectures, video calls without having the need to switch to other windows if you're a student. Quality wise, it won't dissappoint you with HDR10, 99% color gamut, IPS which makes everything pleasing to the eyes. I on the other hand need one because I do gaming on my laptop, which is a little difficult to see when you flick for aiming at enemies. With its AMD FreeSync tech, you see high resolution and fast paced game details without any lags as long as corresponding hardware can do it. This can do it in a very fluid manner, perfect for casual or pro gaming. If it can do that, imagine on what it can do when watching movies, YouTube videos, or media in your network. You can also use the wide screen for putting up multiple windows, so sharing or viewing data would be easy especially when Excel Sheets are involved at work.

LG Electronics has been recognized for their LG PuriCare AeroTower Air Purifier and the LG tiiun for innovation. They were also given nods for their LG One Quick Flex All in One display solution, the LG UltraGearTM Gaming Laptop, the LG OLED evo Gallery Edition and several OLED evo TV models which they have showcased in the past year. They have designed these pieces with the users in mind, something that has made great strides for them at the Red Dot Awards. They were also given accolades at the CES Awards in 2022 for their products under Home Appliances, Entertainment and Business Solution categories for a total of 150 given at the hybrid CES event this year.

Congratulations to LG for always putting the consumer at the forefront of their innovations, how they start technology, think about their design and give value when releasing products around the world.


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