Making Sure Budget Plans Work

Friday, May 20, 2022

The pandemic has taught us a lot about how good financial management remain as a valuable skill not just for personal survival, but giving ease to the lives of your family - the closest people for you. We determine budget plans early on, with proper forecasting you get to have peace of mind yes, but in rare occasions, we all struggle. When one gets sick, incapacitated, restrictions happen and people lose their jobs, when businesses decide to close shop, these are emergencies nobody gets prepared for so it is wise you get to evaluate your budgets regularly and learn to properly make adjustments when the need arise.

Managing Finances Effectively

You need a good bank, know where you are putting savings, things for investments, for entertainment (because you deserve that too) and an emergency fund (when the unimaginable happens).

Allocate Appropriately

I always make it a point to have funds directed to a specific goal. A huge chunk of course goes to bills, food and shelter (about 50%), 10 percent goes to entertainment (if you want to go to a vacation, buy something for yourself or your loved one you need to set aside something for this purpose), then 25% goes to investments (if you prefer digital currency, bank deposits, stock market, insurance premiums or money market you need to do this early on). 15% goes to emergency fund so in times you wouldn't be able to work or pay for medical bills if you or your family gets hospitalized, you have this to get funds from. There are a lot of other things to consider and customize these rates, you need to weigh what works for you and stick to it. If you need to adjust, go ahead and make that play. You need to be a little aggressive in making sure your budget works for you.

Monitor Your Investments

Since a huge part of your funds go to investments, you need to have this checked a few minutes a day. Make smart choices if you are looking for short term ones, relax on the long term goals. You don't need to watch lines go up and down and spend hours for it, so only do it when times are volatile, and be aggressive if you have the money to do it with. Familiarize yourself with the market and slowly make your way to grow your funds. You also have to find one that fits your lifestyle. If you want to delve into business, or become an entrepreneur, pick up  a loan with easy payment terms and lower interest rates because a lot of it is out there. 

Manage Your Debt Wisely

Loans, credit card bills are of course part of the game. If you've got a lot of these, consider plans to pay more than the minimum monthly payments to reach your goal of zero debt. You can schedule payments for some purchases for ease of doing business and everyday transactions. Know when interest rates would be okay for you or not. See if you are going to benefit in the long run because remember, some loans and credits are not taxable and if you pay them earlier, it won't be too painful to see where your funds go. Give debt consolidation a try so it would also be manageable to pay for things. If you want information on that, click here.

These are what I do now in order to manage funds, if you've got one that serves the purpose, follow your own strategy and adjust when you see the need to. The market isn't constant just like change, think of more ways to grow your money and see if your budget plans work today.


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