Sunday, May 22, 2022

If there's something that is lacking in San Juan City, it's the fact that there's really a scarcity of good bars... but here's good news. ARCANA LOUNGE finally has opened and we've got first dibs on things they offer.

Ambiance: I think I've seen this being worked on a couple months ago when a couple workers went outside and pat dust off their clothes... and I saw a new sign put up in front, I stopped and said to my self, this is interesting! When I entered ARCANA this evening, my eyes were certainly drawn on the copper clad ceiling. I felt they did this on purpose so you get to feel how large the room was. The place could seat 50-60 people (maybe more) and tables were arranged for groups of 4 or more to fit friends, family. The back side had a long bunk chair and the others were upholstered thick, pretty comfy to be seated for hours. They also had fresh flowers, dropped in several places. Design wise, it reminded me of a little mix of modern, industrial and art deco. There's a sense of it being posh, their attention to detail was astounding.

The Bar on the other had was built differently. The racks are filled to the brim with different kinds of booze as they serve hard drinks and cocktails. The bar is all clad in gold, black, aimed to complement the restaurant interior. It also has their huge logo, intimidating to look at but once you know the bartenders, you'll love them instantly.

Gourmet Nachos -Warm nachos with hearty chili con carne topping. Fresh and complements Gin, Tequila based drinks.

Purple Sour - Something they whipped up to surprise me, this was refreshing and perfect to start the evening.

Buffalo Wings - It had the flavors, not too spicy... make sure you eat it while it's hot!

Sisig Rolls - A different take on the usual bar chow. Like a mix between Filipino and Vietnamese. Again, make sure you consume while it's hot.

Truffle Pizza - One of my favorites that evening. It had the right amount of cheese, crispy crust and truffle permeated all over the top.

Sliders - If you need something filling, the sliders would surely do that. It comes with fries, which I think was also laced with a little truffle.

Fra Diavolo - Fresh pasta with shrimp, cheese and lemon on the side.

Steak Fried Rice - I liked their version, like the other items I mentioned earlier, eat it while its hot.

USDA Rib Eye Steak - They made it the way I like it. Medium, still has the right amount of fat (which I love) and buttery soft still. I would even love to have seconds. I would go back for this in a heartbeat!

Prawn Thermidor - For prawn lovers out there, here's your fix. You may have this shared but I doubt you'll do because it's cheesy good.

Lamb Rack - For those who would want something a bit more lean, get the Lamb rack. They cooked it perfectly... I'd assume this would be for those special date nights or "treat to self" days.

ARCANA LOUNGE maybe new, but fret not as they've got some seasoned Chefs and Mixologists behind all their counters. They plan very well, and honestly, the ambiance is a huge selling point. If you have guests, friends or family that need to be given a classy dinner, something to drink afterwards, this is the place you should be looking for. A plus is that they also customize drinks, just ask the friendly bartender what you prefer so they could whip up something for you.

ARCANA LOUNGE is located at the Greenhills Promenade's second level. You may enter through the stairs from Music Museum or the one on the left door of the mall's old door. I enjoyed my time there and surely, I'd be back for more!


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