Friday, May 27, 2022

Our boy Ken Chan is doing mighty good with his shows and now he's taking his newest single QUARANFLINGS in the promo route. This will be launched in June 12 on AOS, but the track has already been released in social channels and streaming sites so if you're looking for something you could relate to go ahead and listen to it now.

Ken Chan says "We didn't have anything to do but survive during the pandemic, but I think the only person I have had the pleasure of being with during the whole thing was Rita Daniela. For that I am grateful, and yes, there are a lot of people who messaged me but if I've met them, I treat them as friends. During the pandemic, there are a lot of people who have had the experience of having a relationship, and I think they'll be able to relate to Quaranflings. This is a song composed by Lolito Go and produced by Paulo Agudelo under GMA Music."

He adds "I know Rita and I would really have a good following, I am looking forward for more projects with her but there's a good time for that. We both know that we should work with other artists. If I was going to work with other actresses, I wished for Bianca and it came true for Mano Po. Next time, I want to work with some of my closest friends like Julie Anne San Jose or Glaiza De Castro. To clear, I just picked up that quote I tweeted a couple weeks ago on Google, I think I forgive easily." 

Here is Ken's latest single

Here's our blog conference this morning:

With his wish to go back to AOS and soon to work with Julie Anne San Jose or Glaiza De Castro, Ken Chan will surely be a remarkable leading man on GMA and their new shows. Aside from being busy with businesses he's put up in the last few years, he's continuing to make music, to hopefully release more next year or late this year.


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