My Web Hosting Needs

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There is a dire need for my photography group to put up a web site. Actually if you think about it; I need one myself too. Since I have engaged so much time and effort in this industry, the time to earn a living from it is inevitable. I need ecommerce web hosting as soon as possible so I could set up my photography business once and for all. I have invested money on lenses, cameras and accessories for this hobby and it has already taken me places. What makes it a little bit inconvenient is that I have no place to show my portfolio and show packaged prices at the same time. I have to get one now because I do not want to get left behind by competitors who are in the same market as I am. Although I am confident that my craft speaks for itself, I may have to show more in the long run and that is what I was preparing for.

Since I have concentrated in fashion and wedding coverage I do not think that I will have a hard time formulating a way to have everything automated from getting payments on line and arranging details on what packages they might want on the site. Getting this project up in the next few days would be better because summer and the month of June are fast approaching where a lot of these events usually happen. The start of finding web hosts is ON and design wise I will take a look at their various services. I hope that it would be sufficient enough for my standards because I want specific things done before I pay for it. I know who to look for now that's gone!


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