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Friday, February 26, 2010

I have been managing programs for a multinational company for six long years now. I think I have been able to absorb how everything works in the corporate world when the time comes that we are going to be affected by the global financial crisis. The worst of it is not over and while people are uncovering the damages this has dealt upon us and the US, various steps of restructuring have been implemented to government offices and private corporations. Sometimes when big financial responsibilities is in the playing table, they tend to play along with what other big corporations dictate to them when in fact they can take advantage of this situation and make it a very profitable one. This is where entities like the March Group can step in.

In early 2007, the company that I work for has shown remarkable opportunities for growth but just could not do it because of the financial risks involved in expansion. With the looming financial crisis starting then, there are various decisions that had to be made in order to survive what seems to be another great depression in the market. I have seen other financial institutions but the example of March Group has made me realize that proper management of key acquisitions is a very big fundamental component of growth. With that in mind, I have seen the success of my own company loom on only getting smaller companies that have remarkably weathered the past economic struggles this country has faced. March Group made sense in what they have been doing in the past years and to just emulate them in some ways is phenomenal. I am unsure about how other companies manage to go out of debt in these times. March Group makes it a point to give the right advice at the right time. Hey I just heard they acquired a Canadian Manufacturer recently too... imagine that!

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