Thursday, February 11, 2010

I miss the time my Aunt was here. I still remember the things we used to do when I was younger. I always get to tag along with her traveling here and out of town because most of the time I was allowed to do so by my folks. I try as much as I can not to be a burden to her since most of the time the meetings she had to go to in far flung places were work related. It started my training to be a little independent early on. It was a good thing and I really appreciate it a lot when she says nice things about me after that. Until such time, they had to move to Irvine California since her folks are already based there. I love going to their place even if I had to travel from Fresno with my Mom back in 1995. Although we were able to do it on a weekend, she had trouble fixing her schedules when she decided to move to LA. Finding Moving Company Los Angeles was pretty hard; and she needed to lift a couple of furniture pieces also. With her frail built I had to help her out at that time.

It was my "Finals" week too so I had problems delegating myself to the task. Mom suggested us to call a toll free number 1-800-431-3920 to get a moving quote and see if they can do the job. Moving Companies Los Angeles was there on time and moved her things in a short span of 5 hours when it could have taken me a week. It was well worth it and I did not even have to lift a finger before my exams. My Aunt was glad too that she met these wonderful people from reputable Los Angeles Moving Companies. I on the other hand felt glad they were so polite and did the job efficiently. They loaded everything in the truck and went on their way to LOS ANGELES without any hitches. Everything went in smooth, nothing got damaged and everyone had a cold pitcher of lemonade after wards. I was so glad they came along when I needed them most.


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