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Saturday, February 27, 2010

I am currently contemplating on getting myself contact lenses. The deal is I do not really need it but I just wanted to get a little more HISPANIC looking and I need a light brown shade. I might need to also get my hair color changed but when I saw this image of John Lennon, I think I'll get myself eyeglasses instead. I need a change of look since I am somewhat in the fashion industry. I need to look decent when I go out otherwise nobody's going to notice me. I have a little theory that this may make me a little smart (which I am) and I am a little torn to get designer lens or contact lenses. Eyeglasses are a little expensive here but there are on line stores that offer it a little cheaper than usual.

It costs thousands of pesos but if you check out the ones on line they have great eyeglasses even for $8 and it would not hurt my budget. I wish malls have them too. It would be pretty hard for ordinary people to get prescription eyeglasses if it costs too much. I can afford expensive ones but it is not practical. I would gladly submit because this is a guy's fashion statement but who in the world is going to spend thousands for that!? I am glad there are on line stores like ZENNI who understands consumers like me. At least we have options when times like these come! Hey I just want to look good!


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Reagan D said...

i wear eyeglasses. i tried on having contact lenses for a while, but i went back to using my glasses. my eyes dry up faster than usual, and i must put some drops frequently. occasional use may be the best for me.

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