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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

There are people who still think that they can get away with anything. I don't want to name names or companies but boy they are looking like scam artists already. I know why they are doing this and I wish there was something I could do to at least let them look at the brighter side. They want to suspend me from their system because they mentioned a couple of things that really does not even fall to my category. I want to believe what they say but to tell you the truth I heard horror stories from them already. I just hope and pray that they are different. I will let you guys know what will happen to this one soon. I already contacted them and am waiting for a response from their guys, I hope I get a decent reply and not those canned responses they issue me.

The least I think they could do is to give me what is due me. I have never felt so agitated and mad at the same time because I did not listen to other bloggers that said bad things about them, yet here I am now in their situation. I hope they can rectify things and make this work. I really hate it when companies like them disappoint me. My site contains real stuff and real reviews, everything that comes out of my head. I just wish they would never respond like I am the bad guy in this story. Hohumm...

I will keep you guys updated if there are developments on this case. Remember guys that KUMAGCOW Contains REAL Stuff and Does REAL Reviews of anything under the sun! You can bet your @$$ on that!


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