Oh My! Duplicate File!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I just finished editing photos this morning and now it looks like a huge mess on my computer. I almost lost my sets a couple of hours ago because the files I saved are located in different folders. With hundreds of files having the same name I know for a fact that there are one or more duplicate file on hand. You cannot simply discount that because I keep them on the default names most of the time. I need to delete them because I really need the hard drive space. That is where it gets complicated since you cannot view all the thumb nails one by one to compare which ones are edited and those which are not. I have uploaded most of them in social networks and I am glad both the models and my friends appreciate it.

It means so much to me to hear people appreciate my work. I spent hours working on one or two photos depending on the effect I would like to have on it. Organization is a must and I have actually amassed around 40 photo shoots already. Each one on different folders and some of them are already archived. If there was one thing I should improve on now, it would be taking care of the raw files. I have lots of photos already out in the public and making sure my copyright is included on the meta data I would have to embed this one by one. Thank heavens there are things I can use to be able to do that. Otherwise I would have made a mess again and start all over! I hope you like my shots too.


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