My Weekend Of Sports, Tweets and Fashion

Friday, February 26, 2010

I just finished meeting with my bosses from the US. Yes it is the weekend so I have to take my days off. I wonder where I should go now. I am contemplating on going to MOA alone because of the SHONEN KNIFE concert at San Miguel by the Bay. Aside from that I think I promised to go to a basketball game with people from the Red Tribe. There is a COSSACK Cobra game and some of the people from the UE Red Warriors play in those teams too. I guess they are from PBL.

I have been tweeting a lot lately because I have been able to get my blackberry online. With Alexandra DeRossi and KC Concepcion replying to my tweets it is just incomparable on how exciting this part of my cyber life is evolving.

Aside from that, there is another event that caught my attention. The hallways of MOA will turn into catwalks as Japanese and Filipino fashion come alive with this sting:

Now you tell me... who can resist not to go to MOA on that day! =)


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