Too Much Party!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I was drunk this morning and obviously I haven't had any sleep yet. Everything hurts from my head to toe. I did not know of any pain relievers I could get because apart from that experience; my tonsils and back aches from working out in the gym came back because I partied hard last night. I was thinking I could go back to my doctors in the orthopedic hospital in Manila and get that necessary therapy I need to at least ease some of it off. It would majorly include tramadol and some creams that contain steroids because the general part of the left side of my back is the culprit of why I could not sleep that much in the first place.

I heard people can buy tramadol without prescription so that is probably what I should do like most over the counter medicines. It is going to be slightly problematic to do that in this side of the world because in my neighborhood the eastern stores who sell western medicine usually charge a couple of percentages higher than the usual. Good thing there are places like TRAMADOLBLUEBOOK.COM where I could check and get the lowest price possible. I need to see and compare them on the site so I could have the best deal of course!

I find that there are more stores within city limits that sell this a little less and if I buy online tramadol it would be much cheaper in these types of pharmacies. I think I should go ahead and try that now instead of lashing out on something that would not work under these circumstances. I need to work and I am not able to move that much around the office. I was in a meeting earlier but I could not move that much for a presentation. I almost lost my employees in translation. My boss was a little annoyed too because I did look sick when I got in the office. I am the one suffering and the immediate cure of this pain is inevitable. Once I get this to soothe the pain I know everything will be alright!

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