Awesome Russian Women

Friday, February 05, 2010

I do not know if I sound weird to you guys but lately I am in a dating mood. Maybe because Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I have been single for quite a while. Truth is not kind I know and it just hit me today. I do have a big wanting for russian women. In this day and age, one may ask why we have to go abroad and look for someone who would match you with a different race. The answer is simple and can be answered with a question too. Why are we going to limit ourselves to what we have on our native land? Love knows no boundaries and love can ever be contained in a box. If you love someone; it does not matter whether you are black, white, European, Latin or Asian. The deal is... you can love whoever you want and eliminate the chance of being alone. I know a few people that have succeeded to live a very happy life; and they were married russian brides of course!

I am in the fashion photography industry as you can see in my work I do get to encounter beautiful Russian women too. Sometimes I get attracted to their perfect chiseled features in the face, haunting look in the eyes and that sweet personality that comes with their culture. UKRANIAN women also top that list because they kind of have the same features. I love how they also laugh because there is still a distinguishable accent that I love. They are very notorious in the runway, very appealing as models and perfect for anyone who appreciates true beauty like me. I would like to be wed to russian brides since they make the perfect wife in my standards. That is what made me fall in love with these ladies after all. I wonder why American men still end up alone in this day and age when they can easily join dating services here. Now who is going to take me to KREMLIN so I could find her now?!

I love them all!


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