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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I may have to stop doing photography for a while because I am way backlogged in my work. Imagine I have to post process around 100 more photos just for the single shoot I did last month. I am quite happy though because some of them really liked my work. I even got the chance to reconnect with people from highschool. It looks like the inevitable reunion is going to happen soon and I hope I do not disappoint my peers, friends and enemies when we go meet each other. Anyway if I were to do that now, I would probably have some of them shot LOL nah just kiddin!

Modesty aside I think I have accomplished a lot last year and the better thing to do now is just wait for that time. I need to have a little talk with some of them because I did burn bridges. I hope their lives are worse than before hahahah! I just want to laugh at people's misery sometimes because it feeds the inner mean person in me. Well you kinda know how they did some things with me then, I guess this is payback time right?! Its hightime I pay them a visit. I don't know if its going to be a pleasant one though, yes I'll take pictures since it is going to happen in summer. By the way, I am doing a new diet again since I need to shape up before I take off my shirt come this season. The beach would not be a pretty sight if I still am stuck with a blubber laced tummy right?!

Stop making me eat for cryin out loud! LOL


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