This is it! I Want To Get My Own DVD Copy!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I am a self confessed couch potato and the things I really love to do when I am lounging around the house is eating buttered popcorn and watching DVD movies. I get to spend some time alone rather than my busy schedule at work; and it gives me a little breather from the hectic schedule which I follow religiously. I have that whole DVD Catalog by myself and I enjoy titles from Action, Drama, Comedy and Fantasy movies. I would not bore myself even if I am going to be the only one watching these shows. There are also concerts which I like a lot but I prefer some documentaries too. The Michael Jackson inspired movie "THIS IS IT!" has inspired audiences all over the world and some people from the YOUTUBE phenomenon CEBU CITY inmates were also included in this latest DVD release. I was excited to see them all in one site called DVDCORRAL.COM and now I am contemplating on getting my own copy of the BLURAY disc available in their store. It looks like they also can get my collection organized if I order through them. I wonder how much it would cost to get me this one in particular. I want to get my hands on it soon so I can go watch it and learn his moves too. Pretty neat you say?! Do you want it for yourself? Go ahead and visit them now!


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