Fasting Fast!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yesterday was ASH Wednesday but being the bad Catholic that I am I did not go to church again. I don't know why but half of that is because I am just too lazy to get up on a weekday. Anyway, that is just what it is. I am glad to know things are happening again in the office. It looks like our inputs to our project will be the topic when my boss comes into town. I hope we get to discuss some of the ideas that we have in order to make everything feasible in the project. Really looking forward to seeing boss in town.

Right now by the way, I am fasting because people do this as a sacrifice during this season. I wonder how much weight I would lose in a couple of days. I am optimistic but tomorrow I think we'll order fastfood again. I'll think about what I will order. Maybe chicken but no rice. Or maybe burger but I think meat is being barred tomorrow since it is a Friday. I have a lot of things to do also in the weekend so please give me a break! Later I will be a little late. I need to attend a meeting that will happen in the afternoon US PST time so that will be early morning Philippine time. Wish me luck!


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