Storing My Photos Now!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am currently having some problems because my hard drive is acting up again. When I opened it up this morning it was in a snail's pace. It was even hard to see some of the icons in my desktop so I was thinking memory might be running a little low. I was shocked because a couple of warnings suddenly popped up. My drive space apparently is low so I went ahead and looked for cd-r media so I could transfer all my photos to them. Yes I am guilty because I filled up my 120GB drive with raw files. Imagine all my 42 photo shoots are all there and I have them all in 2-3MB or more pieces so it obviously is the culprit of the laptop's slowdown.

I do not know if this would be the next thing I will have to do but it seems right that I keep a library of my work so I would not be a victim of stolen pictures. That is a little common here nowadays. Keeping the CD would also be better because I can just put them inside my folder and bring them out when I need it. I can also have them organized per shoot so everything would be easier to find. I will rise to the occasion and have them labeled too. It is something smart to do and did I say a good thing?!


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