My New GAS: Blackberry Curve 8320

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Okay, ladies and gentlemen I admit I did succumb to my urges again to buy a new gadget. Well since my phone has died on me three times already, I think it is time for that handy dandy thing to retire already. It has served its purpose and has been with me for YEAAARS! I love everything that we went through but since it has literally been too damaged already that I have been too shy to take it out a couple of times when we go out, I already bought a Blackberry Curve 8320... and boy here comes a new adventure.

I got in on this one, mint condition and I should not tell you the price because you might be shocked how much I got this for less taxes LOL. Sometimes I think I am so lucky because I did not find any trouble getting this other than paying for it of course!

With this, then I now have something to tinker until the next smartphone impresses me =)


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