Furniture Decisions Now

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I guess I am not the only one hoping that it would match with the rest of the furniture I have in the condominium unit where I stay. Dining Room Tables that would fit the floor area I have is what I specifically need. The ones that I saw available at the mall appliance center are not customized to fit small spaces and usually cater to family style interiors which I do not prefer. I was contemplating if I should have one made to order but that would cost a lot. If I bought one from the mall on the other hand; I would need to cut off the legs just to get it through the door and stick it back when it's in. That would really be funny if I have guests then all of a sudden it collapses on us after tea. I would not want to get sued just because of that.

If I had the time to also go out and canvass some pieces in thrift shops I would not be in a dilemma. I barely have money to spend on my gadgets and this was a major furniture piece I was planning to acquire. Seeing the antique ones we used to have in my Mom and Dad's house I think I literally outgrew them all. I have developed a keen eye for appreciating modernly designed ones so I will have to stick with that. I do not want the eclectic format we followed suit at our old house because I am not fond of wood. I am more into metal and glass nowadays so I am trying to avail this if possible.

It has clean lines; it is chic and very functional even with its modern design. I would like to have this piece soon. I want one now!


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