Weekend Plans: Videos, Fashion and Music: SHONEN KNIFE, Jake Cuenca and Manila Symphony Orchestra

Monday, February 22, 2010

It looks like I found something better to show off my videos and it does support high definition ones too. I always looked at VIMEO from other videographers and was astounded by the quality of it. I did not know why I just tried it now but hell it looks like its more fun. Actually I had a short upload time too which would benefit me a lot because often times when I share my work it usually ends up around an hour for a 100MB video to get online. That's if when no one is using the Internet connection ha-ha!

As for my activities this weekend I am trying to choose between the Mall of Asia and the one in Intramuros. I really want to go out with the D60 KREW again shooting the Manila Symphony Orchestra but my golly SHONEN KNIFE my favorite Japanese band of all time is going to be at the mall on that day, not to mention the BENCH show featuring Jake Cuenca. As you know I am into fashion photography and since I do not get any male models that much I think this would be good practice right?! I hope there are not that much people in the venue. Where can I get a photographers pass in these events?! Hohummm.....


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