How To Deal With Stress

Saturday, February 27, 2010

After a long meeting with the bosses I was so glad it was Friday... and yes people it is my day off so I went ahead and met some friends from Eastwood and got a few rounds of beer. Well, almost a few bottles... haha!

Well after 5 buckets of beer I felt kinda woozy and started to gain a little confidence to sing. I am not a videoke fan but I can say that I do have a decent voice if you compare it to others. I mostly sing old 80's songs and those rock thingys since I grew up in the 90's. I love one hit wonders. When I sing some of them some people do not even know the band or singer. But they somewhat remember the song so that is nice.

Well since I got drunk, did I get my stress out?! NO... because when I went home, I had to get my sis a cab in the hot sweltering sun. So now that I'm hot and everybody knows that LOL I was too hot already even when I slept in an air conditioned room. Instead of sleeping around 4PM, it reached around 8AM before I got some Z's. I never ate dinner or lunch and when I woke up it was around 3AM. I was dead hungry, and because it was too early no one was at home to prepare food for me. =/

I waited around 5AM and Mom was up, good thing she cooked breakfast early.... I didn't even know there was cereals left in the pantry... I should have eaten that DOPE!

Stress, I need to get rid of it.... so I am going out later! =)


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