I Am Not A Millionaire...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It looks like I am wasting my hard earned money again. I never print anything at home because of the fact that my actual printer is a little inferior and could not print photos. My Mom usually asks for them so she could get copies and put them into an album but I am a little bit contented just putting them onto my social networking sites. My sister forced me though to purchase ink cartridges yesterday so she could print a few documents at home. She is currently carrying a cast because she got her foot hurt in a freak accident. She chose to work at home because of this but it looks like this is also going to cost me a lot. My previous purchase of original cartridges just printed out 20 pages and just dried up after a couple of weeks. It's not the cheapest thing to buy at around $40 just for the black one and $45 more for the colored ink. Where am I going to get that money just so she could print a couple of old documents she should be just sending through office email in the first place!? She just wanted hard copies for crying out loud and she does not want to spend a single dime for it.

I do not want to take it against her because she is in that condition, but if I want to buy printer cartridges I would rather go with the cheaper ones available on line like what INKGRABBER offers. I do not mind getting one but it has to be reasonable. I would really want to help her in any way that I can but spending that much on printer ink is not justifiable. I wonder if it would be okay to ask if I could use her credit card instead ha-ha! I think that would be an awesome idea!


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