Avant Garde Photoshoot

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I just finished editing the rest of the photos from the Avant Garde Photoshoot I had with the NOCTURNALS and by the looks of it I really love the output. Although I did not take that much pictures of April I got one decent photo edited for her. I like the effects I did on this set and will probably stay away from it next time. I do not want to bore people with the same lights thingy again.

I think I did bore quite a number of people on my Mr and Ms UE sets a few weeks back. I am trying to finish their photos til tomorrow because the pageant is quite near. I just hope I get to still have them impressed with their photos. I know it is quite good for my standards and I want to have them be seen as is on some of the raw shots but maybe a little editing so I could combine some of the shots would be nice for their portfolio.

Here are the group shots by the way from the Avant Garde Photoshoot... we did this in Orchidarium in Manila. It was a nice place but I would rather have lunch some place convenient and less expensive on the budget since their food was but average chinese.


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