Congratulations Roger and Len!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

I just got back from one of the happiest weddings I've seen so far. This was long awaited and these two are my good friends. Roger and Len Congratulations and I hope you have more kids!

Roger is a friend from UE, he is an Electronics and Communications Engineer and I'm a Computer Engineer. We all probably have the same first and second year subjects (because of the similarities in some aspects) and he was indeed one of the guys who you really enjoy to do silly things with. I remember he always went out with Andy; and the two were like Laurel and Hardy in college but of course they went their own ways after college. This was one important event we had to show up to since we had the best times talking, drinking and eating out whenever there is a reason to celebrate. He is a good guy and I remember always asking him why he never got a girlfriend back then... so I thought he was going celibate and enter a seminary soon. Then Len came along one day when we were in a gathering for a yearly Christmas party.

It was nice to see Len and she seems to be a real jolly person. She easily gets the stuff and picks up jokes when I do it. That easily means she is smart... and really talks a lot, I like that about her and for me she was the perfect wife for Roger who always ends up quiet if he is not in a mood to tease everyone else... and yes that includes me.

You know, I kinda like how everything falls into place. I love the ceremonies and the funny things that happened in their reception. I had a ton of laugh... and the nice memory of seeing my friends married off. This is the start of another family... I hope they have lots of kids; because they really deserve to be happy.

Congratulations Ger and Len! I am really happy for you! =)


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