An Afternoon with the Red Tribe

Monday, March 01, 2010

Red Tribe with the awesome Pari Llagas

Red Tribe with the girl's favorite Paul Lee
Red Tribe with my IDOL James Martinez
I had a nice time with the Red Tribe this weekend. We spend the day together watching PBL games of Cossack and Cobra. Unfortunately people from UE were in different teams at that time and I couldn't choose who to root for. James Martinez and Zamar was in Cossack and Paul Lee, Raffy and Coach was in Cobra. So imagine we were all clapping no matter what team was scoring =) just as long as he was from UE we were all rooting for them.

It did not matter that I did not take my picture with them, the feeling of taking their pictures was already phenomenal. I wanted to tell them how good they were in the last season and I wish them good luck this coming season.

Thank you to the people at you are such a wonderful bunch of guys and gals! =)



Anonymous said...

warrior ka din? nice!

go UE!

Anonymous said...

yup. UE-CAL ECE Batch 2002 :)

thanks for the compliment sa son ko at sa invite narin sa redtribe.

btw, my son's name is RED. :)

Anonymous said...

sige sige thanks! ay pwede as Domesticated Daddy nalang?hehe.

Btw, naaalala na ata kita. iba buhok mo dati e. hehe.

link you as kumagcow sa COMRADES ko. :)