From The Russia I Love!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I always wanted other people to see women like I do. I always am with models and beautiful people when I go out. Sometimes I always think about what it's like to settle down because almost all my friends are married already. I think I am the only bachelor left. I am not pressured though. Though just this weekend, all my dream girls really suddenly appeared on TV. I was watching a fashion show, a movie and a tennis match that time and they were all there! One common thing was happening; they were all beautiful Russian women. If Mail Order Brides were available now I would be the first one in line in the post office.

While watching the fashion show on FTV, I noticed one gorgeous supermodel. I love NATALIA VODIANOVA! She does print; editorial and catwalk fashion duties and I just can't get enough of her. This was not the first time I have seen her obviously. She looks so sweet and adorable. With those eyes that could make your knees weak in a second, I would never ever look at another girl. If only she would come to my home make me breakfast in bed and tuck me in at night with those deep set doe looking eyes that would be the best day of my life!

Who does not know MARIA SHARAPOVA?! She is bar none the prettiest tennis champion that Russia has produced. She is the world's number one and everyone adores her. I love her because of her simple looks. I feel that if I am going to marry someone like her I will be the best sparring partner she would ever get. It would be okay to lose a match. I adore these ladies who hail from a country that I also am interested visiting soon. That distinct strong accent and charming disposition in life that might have emanated from their culture is so appealing to me. I love them all and if I had the chance to marry someone in the future, I'm sure to consider Russian women on my list!


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