Hungry As A Bear!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Okay, I admit I am a little hungry. But it looks like this time it is going to be gaining a lot of weight again and the reason?!

New York's Finest Pizza by Yellow Cab


Charlie Chan by Yellow Cab

I think I am losing a grip on my gym time and gaining weight fast. Imagine I am eating this much again. I love New York's finest because it is complete. I love olives so that is a plus. Charlie Chan is such a big thing for me because of its spicy nutty flavor. I hate the fact that this packs a lot because it is still pasta. Probably around a kilogram worth of it and I am sure tomorrow I will be guilty enough that I have to workout haha! It is so convenient to order this super fattening meal because they are open 24 hours, and if this was shakeys they also would accept credit cards! Waaaaaa I am losing my mind now! Waaaaa! Stop making me fat for crying out loud! LOL!


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Unknown said...

Keber with diet kumagkow, eat while there are foods to eat. Just think of the people in haiti,chile, who don't have food to eat hehehe just kidding. Can't blame ya, the pizza looks delish.