Back to the Gym... After 10 days of not working out!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yeah I hope this is me! LOL

After a week and a half of not working out in the gym, here I go again trying my luck to get back in the mood for pumping iron. I know I haven't been the world's greatest dieter and I am kinda getting sick already from the meals I haven't been eating but then again I would love to go back and walk the talk. I have proven myself time and time again that I need this. Why am I getting lazy all of a sudden?! Well not that lazy because the reason I am getting a little not acquainted with the habit lately is because I have so much work to finish. Mind you I am making huge report that consists of almost 2o tabs of excel sheet with numbers and graphs on it. Imagine me flooding myself with math. That is just so sick of me! LOL

Aside from spending time on my chest, I am trying to regain what I have lost in the size of my biceps because they have not been worked on for the longest time. They are quite big already and I was just trying to maintain them. But because I have not worked out in a couple of days of course it probably shrinked a little. I just want to get back into shape. Maybe if there would be some sort of a diet in between then it would be better right?! Sweet potatoes are on my list because some swore about its great carbo loading effect without that much fat. I hope it becomes regular this week. I really need to workout more and probably get my knee fixed to. I am feeling a little pain when I stretch it out.


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