The Video Killed The Radio Star!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I am an aspiring film maker. With software getting easier to understand and use these past few years, I am not surprised that even I can make slide shows with my own shots. I have impressed a few of my friends and co photographers and it looks like I am going this path very soon. I want to also make films of my own and it would probably take me around a few years to learn the craft. Releasing it however would probably be a cinch since film licensing is going to be easy with MDISTRIBUTE.COM. There are already hundreds of people benefiting from their services and if I release my first documentary I plan to use their site. There are also a lot of mobile carriers and people who purchase these videos from them so it is surely going to be a huge hit. I also saw that you would not have any problem about royalties since they take care of all the details. They categorize your film also so people can easily find it. Easy to use search options are available anytime of the day. I would love to try this out soon. I mean who would not like to do that and earn at the same time?!

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