The Better Alternative: Affordable Eyeglasses

Friday, March 19, 2010

I arrived late in the office because I was not feeling well this evening. I work on the graveyard shift because I have to be in the same time zone as my bosses in the US. Yesterday I had to finish a couple of reports that would require me to look at 20 spreadsheets with purely numbers on it. I had to even make a couple graphs out of that. It took me several hours to finish it but I was quite impressed at my work. Later on, I got tired and decided to sleep since I was doing these reports at home. My eyes were a little red and obviously strained from looking at the computer monitor the whole day. My laptop did not have glare protection on it and I did not have a choice. I already have some small problems in the left eye as my ophthalmologist said and the last thing I want to do is worsen it. He was asking me to get prescription glasses but he told me it is going to cost me around two thousand pesos just for the frame alone. The lenses would need five hundred more and these are not even bifocals. I was looking for other alternatives since it is quite expensive if we get it from the hospital. The #1 online Rx glasses store ZENNI came to mind when we deliberated where to get one. My eye doctor was not that into on line stuff and I suggested he read off information about the store since WIFI was available in their office. Picked up my BLACKBERRY and browsed through Eric's Review of Zenni Optical. He got the point and told me he's suggesting the same thing for his other patients who may not be able to afford the expensive ones the hospital forces them to buy. It was a good thing I got to chat about that with him because after that, he's going to be able to help a lot of people.

I like Eric's explanation on why we are going to saving a lot with this kind of purchase because we get to see the benefits on how to eliminate the middle man. It is so simple yet you know why there are some glasses and eye wear that cost a lot these days. I suggested this store to my Mom too who has been wearing glasses for quite some time now. If it would only cost a couple of dollars for the frames, she probably would get one if her old pair wears out. The Lowest Price Progressive Glasses are already available with ZENNI and if the doctor would suggest soon that I get contact lenses, I would beg off and go for the classic frames that ZENNI has.


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