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Monday, March 01, 2010

I used to own a dog a few years back and since it was a SPITZ it was pretty high maintenance. I never really had problems with it because I was always looking forward to go home and play with her when I am stressed. Her name was TWIGGY named after the model and we had some very fond memories of each other. Unfortunately she got hit by a car one evening... sure enough tears rolled down everyone's cheeks at home. We never got over losing her and vowed to never take any pets again. When we were cleaning the garage one faithful morning we found a stray cat in the boxes and sure enough she had kittens too. It seems she just gave birth to 2 and my Mom was afraid to touch them since rabies has been a little rampant in Manila. I didn't know our helper got the box and placed it outside the house; until we heard one of the kittens crying for her Mom perhaps in the middle of the night. It was irking the neighbors; we decided to get the kitten and feed it soon after wards. The cat's Mom seems to have abandoned it since it never came back. It looks like we are going to have a stray cat as a pet and I decided to keep it. We conveniently named her BRITNEY. I fed her milk in the first few days then when she could already begin to eat, her meal consists of our leftovers since it was the first time we ever took care of one. I got her shots the next day and the veterinarian said she needs to eat a well balanced meal too so we got her cat food from the store. She needs a lot of play which I would not be able to give her that time since I was too busy with work at that time. Soon enough, I noticed some of our furniture got scratches all over it and Mom got worried it will damage the antique ones too. The friendly shop owner recommended I get a Scratching Post so she would stop doing it on Mom's things. I canvassed in malls and it was worth thousands of pesos and I thought there must be alternatives on line which could be more affordable. I saw this Cat Tower from sites like KITTY MANSIONS and it was reasonably priced; and it fits the purpose. I am sure if Mom would like it too. She is the one who takes care of her when I am out for work. It keeps her busy and on her toes which is good since she just retired. Good thing there are sites like these that offer personalized places for cat's to sleep in on a lazy afternoon. It induces the cat to be active too so that is a plus! Now she has a place to call her own in our home. I'm glad!

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