Rotating Brownout

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Well looks like Meralco has been losing grip of the situation. There are places in Metro Manila now that has no power. Even the powerful TRINOMA Mall in Quezon City has some of the stores lose air conditioning and people are staying away from those areas. I am not surprised because this problem has been discussed in past administrations and we need a big supply to at least get us through the next decade. They are talking about Atomic Energy and I am quite okay with it as long as we don't enrich plutonium and make our own bombs. That would be really funny if it happened. Like if the IAEA suddenly went to our country and checked if we made the ones similar in North Korea. I wonder if that is feasible. I think Marcos in his time tried to do that. I am not surprised some of our scientists are working for NASA now. =)

The Rotating brownout is being done so we can at least have the electricity distributed throughout the metro. I hope they do this in the afternoon when most of the people are at work and not when everyone is resting at night. I would not want to see my folks suffer heat while sleeping, not even in the afternoon. They need airconditioning or maybe a measely fan to survive throughout this day. Heat stroke is very usual in our climate so I am trying to avoid that. I would not want to see any of my loved ones suffering through the same. I'll just keep busy tweeting here in the meantime. Thank the heavens I have wifi even at home. Although I would wonder if they have power outages in my area, its not being mentioned in the news so I am very lucky. =)


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